With the Federal Fiscal Year coming to an end in September 2015, Sale Reps are trying to exceed quota and close out pending deals. This fast paced and time crunching period can lead to either a high endorphin rush or send your stress levels skyrocketing. While getting caught up in the action can lead to results, it can also hinder your thought process and ability to focus. Focusing solely on numbers can make you forget the critical details, like remembering that you are dealing with a real person where you have spent months building this relationship versus being blinded by the impending deal and just seeing the dollar signs you need to hit quota.
With everything that is going to happen this month is it important to remember five key elements.

1. Be a good listener.

This may sound obvious, but we often try to multitask and inevitably overlook what the customer truly wants. Everything the customer or candidate says is important. To make the sale, remain personable and ensure you are truly meeting their objectives. This ultimately makes you more relatable and will increase the likelihood of a done deal and nail down future business, as well.

2. Paying Pains of the Customer.

What are the key things the customer is looking for? Is it specific software solution or general concept? It is important to know the main points the customer or candidate is looking for so you can provide them with the correct solution. Never assume you know everything, always ask. One of the worst things you can do is assume one things, proceed with your sale, and then come to find out they wanted something completely different. The more information you find out, the less work you have to do later.

3. Addressing their issue.

Is what you are offering address the main points expressed by the customer? Can you provide the solution and answers they need? If the answer is yes, then make sure you provide them with all that information. The more knowledge you can provide, the more creditability you will earn. You want the customer to be able to trust you, not doubt you. If your answer was no, then leading them into a deal that will not provide the intended result for either party will decrease your credibility and inflict a poor reflection back on you and your company. Earning a bad reputation just to hit the numbers might work short term but is not sustainable long term. Business ethics and integrity is what sets apart the mediocre from the excellent sales.

4. Never burn a bridge.

Deliver. Do what you say you will do. We all want to create a comfortable and friendly rapport with every customer but reality is that you will not hit it off with every customer you meet and do business with. Whether you like a customer or not, you should always treat them with respect. “The customer is always right” still rings true. You are there to exceed their expectations and meet their needs. Networking is a revolving door. Down the road you might come to find out the person you rubbed the wrong way three years prior is now the Vice President. You can hope they have forgotten you, but maintaining professionalism every day is a much better strategy. Everyone has bad days, but you represent more than just yourself, including your company, their brand and their mission.

5. Deliver what you promise.

Honesty and integrity are what will provide a long and successful career. Your commitment to excellence and maintaining ethical principles will determine if people want to do repeated business with you. Getting your foot in the door is only the first step. Maintaining that trust and building on the relationship year after year is what will grow your career for years to come.