We cut through the noise to identify and capitalize on the BEST FIT.


We’ll find an opportunity that isn’t a good match for your experience and skill set, but one that will advance your career in the direction YOU want. Most recruiting firms will work to find the right role, but we take into consideration your personal needs as well.


A company’s culture determines the tone, pace, and energy level of your work environment. While a talented candidate may be able to perform well within a culture that doesn’t suit them, they will thrive within a culture that does.


When a candidate takes advantage of holistic recruiting to find and capitalize on best-fit opportunities, dream careers happen. Dream careers are a combination of smart career moves into prestigious roles, consistent (if not increasing), satisfaction in your work, and a work-life balance that suits your preferences.


“I have worked with the Steve at AtlasAdvancement for more than 12 years as both a placed candidate recently with Deltek, and as a hiring Manager with AOL. As a job search candidate, Steve had an excellent understanding of what I was looking to do in the next phase of my career and was able to land me interviews at quality companies for the job opportunities that met my requirements. On the hiring side, Steve has a knack for identifying the critical elements of the position’s responsibilities and relating those needs to presenting relevant and talented candidates from his network. I look forward to continuing to work with Steve and the AtlasAdvancement team.”

Joe Bobek Director North America Accounting Ops – Deltek

“I worked with Mija Yoo and Jon Bartlett at AtlasAdvancement in finding and securing my current role.  Mija did a terrific job providing me the information I needed to decide to pursue the position and she spent a lot of time with me to assess my background, skills, and interests to see if the position was a good fit. Both Mija and Jon gave me good background information on the company to prepare me for interviews. As we got to the offer stage, they provided me the time to finalize my decision – no excessive pressure or overselling the position. In addition, AtlasAdvancement, Inc. is a supporter of a local area not-for-profit, For Love of Children (FLOC), an organization I am affiliated with.

AtlasAdvancement demonstrates integrity, professionalism, and focus on the community. I would highly recommend them to employers and job seekers.”

Paul Jackson VP, Enterprise Risk Management – comScore Inc

“I worked with Steve, Mike and Ian at AtlasAdvancement in finding a position at a Company that turned out to be the perfect fit for me. Steve and his team met with me to talk about my experience and to understand what was it that I wanted for my career. They presented me with several opportunities that fit my original request, but went far beyond expectations by talking me through an opportunity that I didn’t realize was exactly what I was looking for. Steve and team assisted me throughout the entire process, from finding the right position and company, to talking to me about the role, culture, the interview process, my offer considerations and even on what to expect of my resignation with my previous employer. Months later, they checked in to see how things were going and we have been in touch since then. I strongly recommend the team at AtlasAdvancement.”

Fabiana Delfino Associate Director, The Siegfried Group

“I worked with Mike, and Steve at AtlasAdvancement in exploring available growth opportunities. Mike took the time to get an understanding of my interests, and pursuits. Both Mike and Steve were candid, and frank during the recruiting process in terms of coaching, and setting expectations; which I greatly appreciated. They helped in finding a match, and were patient and very helpful in securing my interests through out the process. I have already began sending referrals, and will continue to do so – thank you Mike and Steve, and look forward to building on this relationship!!!”

Henok K. Manager, Internal Controls & Process Transformation, Swissport USA

“I’ve known Jon at AtlasAdvancement for more than a decade and could always count on him to source the talent I needed in a timely manner.  He always understood more than just the qualifications needed, but was aware of our culture and mission and was able to find candidates with the right fit over and over again.  Having recently found myself on the other side of a search, just days after reaching out to Jon he came back with a great opportunity for me.  Very quickly the company and I moved forward and in just a few weeks the experience has proven that Jon did it again.  I’m confident that Jon and his team can deliver for you as well, no matter whether you’re hiring or seeking your next opportunity.”

Timothy Buzby, Chief Financial Officer, Breakout Capital